Welcome to the Ipswich Buddhist Centre

Whether you are looking for a little more peace of mind and inner calm or, perhaps you want to pursue an interest in Buddhism, there are meditation classes, study groups, day and weekend retreats, run by the Ipswich Buddhist Centre which will support you.

Introductory Classes are welcoming and informal and no experience is necessary - simply turn up!

Details of our Introductory Classes and Courses can be found on our Classes page.

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So you think you know about Buddhism?
Think again!

"Buddhism is just about learning how to meditate to calm the mind and be more peaceful - right? "
No!... though this is likely to happen if you learn to meditate with us, and you are welcome to come along to the centre and just learn meditation, but Buddhism is about having the courage to fully challenge and change yourself. Come along and learn how to transform your life and our world.

Upcoming events

Updated: 13th August 2015


Thurs 20th 19:30 Sangha Night led by the mitra team.

Thurs 27th 19:30 Sangha Night Founder's Day Puja celebrating Bhantes 90th birthday led by Dayasara.

Sun 30th 10:30-16:30 a day discussing, reading and reflecting upon Buddhist themes in A Midsummer Night's Dream led by Dayasara. Take veggie lunch to share. Talk to Daysara about evening plans to go and see the play in the evening, either live or a DVD depending upon interest.

Fridays 20:00-21:00 Eight Step Recovery meeting (Mindfulness for Health link left) .


Sat 5th 12noon Open Day (see link to left).

Sat 5th 13:00 Young Peoples' group (see link to left).

Weds 9th 19:30 Start of the Part 1 Buddhism and Meditation course (see Classes, link above).

Thurs 20th 19:30 Sangha Night The Hub that drives the Samsaric Wheel with Amoghavajra.

Fri 11th 19:15 Start of the 8 session Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery course (Mindfulness for Health link left).

Thurs 17th 19:30 Sangha Night The 6 Realms of existence Part 1 with Amoghavajra.

Thurs 24th 19:30 Sangha Night The 6 Realms of existence Part 2 with Amoghavajra.

Fridays 20:00-21:00 Eight Step Recovery meeting (Mindfulness for Health link left).


Thurs 1st 19:30 Sangha Night The 6 Realms of existence Part 3 with Amoghavajra.

Thurs 8th 19:30 Sangha Night.

Thurs 15th 19:30 Sangha Night The Twelve links with Amoghavajra.

Thurs 22nd 19:30 Sangha Night The Spiral Path with Amoghavajra.

Thurs 29th 19:30 Sangha Night - Mitra ceremonies.


16-18th Sangha Retreat theme - A Stream of Stars - talks from Advayamati, Harshaprabha, Swadipa, Carumani and Amoghavajra, exploring the inspiration that we draw from our favourite Buddhist Texts.

24-25th 10:30-17:00 Sagaramati Study Weekend on the Reverence Sutta, the Four Nibbana Udanas from the Udana, and one from the Itivuttaka. Open to All, for one day or both. Suggested donation £ 12/8. Bring veggie lunch to share.