Kung Fu -Traditional Wing Chun
with Matt Robbins

Mon 7-9pm (except Bank Holidays) - see detail below

This class tends to be at capacity. Before attending, please email Matt (the course instructor) , who will advise if there are places available.

Build fitness and self-confidence with Wing Chun Kung Fu

Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu classes are open to men and women aged 14 years and over. No prior knowledge of martial arts - or any specific level of fitness - is required.

All new students are entitled to one free introductory session.

Dress is informal. Clothes that allow free movement- such as
t-shirts, tracksuit trousers and trainers etc. - are recommended.


Classes are held every Monday (except Bank Holidays)
from 7-9pm.

-7.00-8:00pm Grades 1 and 2

-8:00-9:00pm Grades 3 and above.

However, students are able to attend the full three-hour session at no extra cost.


All new students are entitled to one free introductory session.

After taking part in an introductory session, 20 pounds for 3 Monday lessons at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre is payable when students next attend; these three lessons must be taken within three months.

Other than the costs of gradings and the lessons, there are no additional fees.

Lesson Structure

Although there is no set structure for each lesson, teaching will primarily focus on the techniques and drills within the grading structure of the Evergreen Hall system.
Students will additionally have the opportunity to engage in:

  • Sparring
  • Chi-Sau
  • Bag and pad work
  • Scenario training

What is Kung Fu, and what is Wing Chun?

Kung Fu was developed by the Shaolin monks to counter the lack of physical fitness arising from the sedentary nature of Buddhist meditation; the art was further practised by the monks in order that they could defend themselves.

Wing Chun was created to exploit the weaknesses of other Kung Fu styles. While there are long-range techniques in the system, Wing Chun is principally a close-range martial art that aims to overwhelm an opponent as quickly as possible; it is taught for direct street application, and is therefore not competition-based.

Wing Chun Kung Fu can improve the following:

  • Self-confidence
  • Reflexes
  • General health and mobility
  • Awareness of self and of others
  • The ability to respond appropriately to any physical confrontation.


For further information, please e-mail Matt (Course Instructor) at evergreenhallkungfu@gmail.com

Matt Robbins

To email Matt: Click Here

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Matt began studying Wing Chun Kung Fu at the University of Essex in 1997, when he joined as an Undergraduate student. In 1999, he took over the role of President and Treasurer of the University Kung Fu Club, and completed the 100 days Iron Palm training; he also began to teach at the University in that year.

In 2011, Matt attained his Master's Grade under the European Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association, and his Instructor's Grade under Grandmaster William Cheung's World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.

Matt has been teaching at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre since 2003.