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Nearby Triratna Centres

Cambridge Buddhist Centre
Colchester Buddhist Centre
Norwich Buddhist Centre
Bury St Edmunds

Buddhafield East

Local Links

Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource - Inter-faith group

Meditation supplies

Blue Banyan
Wildmind Meditation Supplies

On-line Meditation Resources

Free Buddhist Audio

Wildmind Buddhist Meditation
Meditation: le guide en ligne de l'Esprit Indompt?
Meditation guide in Russian
Aprende la meditación budista
Breathworks - mindfulness-based strategies for living well and for pain relief and relaxation
Happy Buddha - a meditation resource by Triratna Buddhist Order member Suryacitta

Other Triratna web sites

Many other Triratna centres, businesses, and charities have websites, some are listed below. For details of centres, etc that do not have web sites, check the main Triratna site.

Triratna United Kingdom Centres

Birmingham Buddhist Centre
Brighton Buddhist Centre
Bristol Buddhist Centre
South Bristol Buddhist Meditation
Cambridge Buddhist Centre
Cardiff Buddhist Centre
Colchester Buddhist Centre
Croydon Buddhist Centre
Edinburgh Buddhist Centre
Glasgow Buddhist Centre
Triratna Buddhist Centre, Blackburn
Leeds Buddhist Centre
Liverpool Buddhist Centre
London Buddhist Centre (the FWBO's main London centre)
North London Buddhist Centre
West London Buddhist Centre
Manchester Buddhist Centre
Triratna in Milton Keynes
Newcastle Buddhist Centre
Norwich Buddhist Centre
Nottingham Buddhist Centre
FWBO Scotland site (includes outlying groups)
Sheffield Buddhist Centre
Triratna Buddhist order, Southampton
Southend Buddhist Group

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United Kingdom Retreat Centres

Going on Retreat provides details for all eight UK Buddhist Retreat Centres in the UK
BuddhaField Camping Retreats (UK)
BuddhaField North Buddhist retreats outdoors and under canvas (UK)
Dhanakosa (Highlands of Scotland)
Padmaloka Men's Retreat Centre (Norwich)
Rivendell (South East England)
Taraloka Women's Retreat Centre (Shropshire)
Tiratanaloka Women's Retreat Centre (Powys)
Vajraloka Men's Retreat Centre (North Wales)

Centres World-wide

Australia Melbourne Buddhist Centre
Sydney Buddhist Centre
Belgium Antwerp
Canada Triratna Vancouver
Eire Dublin Buddhist Centre
Estonia Tallinn
France Triratna Paris
Germany FWBO Berlin
Triratna Hamburg
India FWBO Bodhgaya
Mexico Mexico City Buddhist Centre
The Netherlands Triratna Buddhist Centre, Amsterdam
Buddhist centre, Den Haag
New Zealand Auckland Buddhist Centre
Wellington Buddhist Centre
Norway Oslo Buddhist Centre
Poland Triratna Poland
Russia Buddhayana - way of the BuddhaTriratna Poland
Spain Buddhist Centre Valencia
Sweden Stockholm Buddhist Centre
USA Aryaloka Buddhist Center, New Hampshire
Triratna New York, NY.
San Francisco Buddhist Center
Seattle Buddhist Center

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Triratna FWBO in the Spanish speaking world

Los Amigos de la Orden Budista Occidental (AOBO)
Libros sobre el budismo y la meditación
See also links for centres in Spain, and Mexico above

World-Wide Retreat Centres

Aryaloka (New Hampshire, USA)
Guhyaloka (Spain)

Media, Scholars, and Interfaith

Buddhist Care Network, promoting links between Buddhism and healthcare/social care
Buddhist Recovery (Buddhist resources on recovery from addiction)
Clear Vision (Videos and images)
Dharma Life (a print magazine devoted to the meeting of Buddhism and the modern world)
do evolution (German language Meditation and Yoga books and CDs)
Mindfulness Works Offers mindfulness training for coaches
Meditation Video and DVD
The Western Buddhist Review (academic journal)
Urthona arts magazine
Wolf at the Door (writing workshops)

Right Livelihood Businesses, etc.

Birmingham Yoga Studio, UK
Bodywise Natural Health Centre, London, UK
Bodywise Natural Health Centre, Manchester, UK

Crucible Research Finding new ways of enhancing the experience of work
Earth Cafe, Manchester, UK
English Language tuition, Berlin, Germany
Evolution Arts and Health Centre, Brighton, UK
Friends Organic Organic foods in East London, UK
The Karuna Trust, a charity working mainly in India
Oasis Yoga and Health Complementary health centre in Croydon, UK
Sahaja (Buddhist sculpture)
Shopping for Buddhas (an online shop selling fine quality statues and paintings of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas)
Team building and stress management workshops in Birmingham, UK
Triodos Bank Dana Partnership Savings Account

Triratna Buddhist Community Authors' Sites

Bodhipaksa "Vegetarianism"
Richard Hayes (Dayamati), "Land of No Buddha"
Sangharakshita (writings by the founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community)

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