Our people

Carumani - I have been involved at the Centre for the past ten years. After retiring from teaching in 2007 and I became a member of the Centre Council. I also take pleasure in supporting the Newcomers' Evening and the Women's Mitra Study.

Swadipa - since retiring from the NHS I have had much more time for the Dharma, the Centre, and of course yachting! I am the Secretary of the Centre Council and look after the fabric of the building. I support various classes as and when required, and lead a meditation class on Wednesday mornings.

Jnanamitra - I was ordained in 1991 and looking for a pioneering situation, I moved to ipswich the following year. I worked in the Evolution shop for 8 years and then established the first Buddhist Centre in Ipswich in the Thoroughfare. I have also been active in establishing Buddhafield East outdoor activities and I am an amateur potter. I am particularly interested in the ways we deepen our meditation practice.

Dayasara - Dayasara leads the Tuesday lunchtime class, and enjoys Buddhist festivals and many other events around the Buddhist Centre. He has a particular interest in early Buddhism, in links between Buddhism and Western culture and arts, and in care work as a form of spiritual practice.

Ariyanivata- I was ordained in 2016 and my name means 'He of noble humility. A native of Ipswich, I started attending the Centre in 2006 and became a member of the Centre Council as Secretary in 2011. I support the early morning meditation sessions, the Tuesday lunchtime class and Sangha retreats and enjoy my involvement with many Centre activities on almost daily basis.

Shubha -I was ordained in 1998 and my name means 'Bright and Beautiful'. I am from London and I was part of the London Buddhist Centre Sangha for nearly 30 years. I worked in Team-based Right Livelihood or worked for the Centre and lived in Communities for many years. I moved to Ipswich in 2015 and I am enjoying getting to know the Sangha. I lead Mitra Study and Practice nights on a Friday.