Sangha Retreat

Next Date: Fri 8th - Sun 10th Dec 2017

The retreat starts at 6pm on Friday evening and finishes around 3pm on the Sunday.

The retreat is being held at the beautiful Vajrasana retreat Centre near the village of Walsham-Le-Willows in Suffolk.

The Theme of this winter retreat is Reflect. Refresh, Rejoice.
Over the weekend we will be quietly enjoying the beautiful rural setting of Vajrasana and taking a break from the usual festive stress that our society engages in. The retreat will be co-led by Bodhivamsa, Dayasara and Jnanamitra and will take inspiration from Ratnaguna's work on Reflection (The Art of Reflection - Windhorse Publications) as well as sharing with you some of the ways that they have worked with this theme.

Many of us on the retreat will be familiar with reflective practices, but few of us give these a high priority. So the retreat offers a golden opportunity to do some more and consider how to take them forward. Amidst these excellent conditions on this retreat, we can find more to rejoice and appreciate in individual people and the Sangha in general.

To book either visit our website Bookings page or contact Carumani on 07715280776. - do come!