Yoga with Big Sky Yoga (Angie Lee-Foster)

Yoga Class details

The body is the cornerstone of awareness. Yoga is an inward process of self awareness which helps to improve physical and emotional health and manage the mind.

The practice of yoga helps to integrate the breath, mind and body to encourage balance and promote feelings of harmony, relaxation and well being.

Big Sky Yoga provides an approach suitable for all levels focusing on moving with ease and grace, weaving in wider elements of movement awareness and mindfulness to deliver beautiful, gentle, flowing classes. We aim to be attentive to our bodies in order to release tension and become attuned to our inner senses.

'We know that if our bodies aren't happy we're not happy and so we want our bodies to be calm and peaceful. To do so we come back to the body, make peace with it' (Thich Nhat Hanh).

Yoga Dates

Currently only running as occasional workshops, dates will be listed here when confirmed. In the meantime, please contact Angie to express your interest in a workshop.

Classes are suitable for all levels and are open to all adults. Equipment provided.

Angie Lee-Foster

For more information please contact Angie for more info.: