A creative writing day with Satyagita

Detailed description: Imagination is essential in the spiritual life. Enjoy a day with Satyagita from Norwich Buddhist Centre and also a member of the Wolf at the Door team who run Creative Writing Workshops and Retreats inspired by Buddhist principles and practice. Satyagita writes to make sense of her world and has been doing so on and off since she was five. She went on her first Wolf at the Door retreat in 1997 and has, since then, continued to make writing an important part of her spiritual practice. She has co-led many writing workshops and some retreats in Norfolk, Dhanakosa and Taraloka. We will be doing a range of writing activities and in the morning there is no compulsion to read work aloud. In the afternoon we will be engaging in a writing marathon where it is hoped participants will be happy to read their writing aloud.

Start time: 10:30:00

End time: 16:00:00

Price: £30

Concessions: £25

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