Buddhism for Beginners Level 2

6 Thursday Evenings from 28th Nov to 16th Jan
--- Except 26th Dec and 2nd Jan


Course charge is £40 with a £30 concession rate.
Contact kusaladana@gmail.com with any queries

In the course we will look at aspects of the Three Jewels

The Buddha

  • Gautama’s life from warrior prince to Enlightened Being.
  • Exploring the Man, the Myth, and the Archetype.
  • Opening up to The Buddha’s experience,  quest and vision.

The Dharma 

‘Thus have I heard………’  The Dharma from its oral tradition to the Sutras.

  • The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.
  • Suttas and  practices :  
  • The Satipatthana Sutta and Mindfulness of Breathing.
  •  The  Karaniya Metta Sutta and Metta Bhavana 
  • Mahayana Buddhism  and Truth beyond words. 

The Sangha 

  • Looking at the spiritual community around the Triratna Community and Order.  Centres provide a context, giving us the opportunity of giving and receiving mutual support for our deepening practice.
  • Introducing the Archetypal Buddha and the Bodhisattvas.  Looking into the realms of purity that can be discovered in the depths of meditation with imagination.
  • The Buddha from Beyond. Looking beyond what can be imagined. Here we will discuss and explore the place of ritual in Buddhism and in particular the place of Puja.


Course charge is £40 with a £30 consession rate
Contact kusaladana@gmail.com with any queries