Buddhism for Beginners "Next Steps evening"

Thursday 23rd May

A special meeting for those who have attended a "Buddhism for Beginners" course

This is a chance to meet up and practise together.

We will look directly at our need for supportive conditions to help us develop an ethical and a meditation practise

There will be a talk on how the sangha -the Triratna order and community- has developed over time and we will specifically exploring the provison in and around the Ipswich Buddhist Centre


Led Meditation: Mindfulness of Breathing

Short Talk on the Triratna Order and Community, the Sangha. How it works and what it does. Its structures, and how it communicates and its place alongside the Buddha and the Dharma

Tea and groups on 'next steps'.

  • What is it like for a beginner?
  • What do we think we need in order to grow?
  • How do we think Triratna can help?

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Updated:12th April 2019