Buddhism for Beginners

Next level 1 Course starting Thursday October 17th 19:00-21:30 for six weeks


Course charge is £40 with a £30 consession rate
Contact kusaladana@gmail.com with any queries


An Introduction to Siddhartha Gautama'. Better known as The Buddha, our first session will explore aspects of his character before we go on to look at his teaching. After a break we will introduce the Mindfulness of Breathing meditation.

Gautama Buddha: The Life and Teachings of The Awakened One

The Mindfulness of Breathing: Short Lead-through by Kamalashila


Exploring habits and emotions'. We will explore how these two things work together, and how we cam develop a gap between our feelings and our behaviour so we are not so reactive. Followed by a Mindfulness of Breathing meditation.


Helpful Habits'. This week we will explore habits that might be helpful in leading us to happiness and contentment, and how to apply these to our daily life. After the break we will introduce the 'Metta Bhavana' meditation - the development (Bhavana) of openhearted caring or friendliness (Metta).


The Five Precepts'. These are the five training principles taken on by most Buddhist to help develop a warmhearted and confident heart and mind. We will look in detail at how to let go of negative habits and develop positive habits. Followed by a Metta Bhavana meditation.


Difficulties in Meditation'. This week will be a workshop looking at the difficulties the mind experiences when we are trying to meditation. Five forces hinder us - greed; ill will; sloth and torpor; restlessness and anxiety; and doubt. We will look at methods to address these. Followed by a Mindfulness of Breathing meditation, where we can practice what we have learned.


'The Buddhist view of existance'. This week we will consider the three marks of conditioned existance of all beings - The Three Lakshanas: Impermanence (anicca), Unsatisfactoriness (dukkha), and non-self (anattā). In particular we will explore the idea of 'Conditioned Existance' - That everything arises fleetingly from a miriad of conditions and in their turn gives rise to conditions for future things to come into being. This wil be followed by a special Metta Bhavana meditation to conclude the course.

What Next

There will be a continuationn of Introducton to Buddhism with a Level 2 course starting on the 25th July. This will explore the teaching of the Buddha, in particular the 'Four Noble Truths' the 'Eight Fold Path' and introduce the Triratna Buddhist 'System of Practice'. The course will go further into working with meditation


Course charge is £40 with a £30 consession rate
Contact kusaladana@gmail.com with any queries

Soon after the course finishes there will be a Beginners afternoon where we can discuss next steps