Our people

Carumani - I was ordained in 2014 and my name, Carumani, means ‘beloved, esteemed jewel’. Since coming along to the Centre in early 2000 Buddhism has changed my life. It’s enjoyable studying and teaching the Dharma and leading groups as well as supporting the Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation classes. Engaging with the Sangha is important to me. I am also a Trustee, on the Centre Council and Women’s Mitra Convenor. A full and happy life!

Swadipa - since retiring from the NHS I have had much more time for the Dharma, the Centre, and of course yachting! I am the Secretary of the Centre Council and look after the fabric of the building. I support various classes as and when required, and lead a meditation class on Wednesday mornings.

Jnanamitra - I was ordained in 1991 and looking for a pioneering situation, I moved to ipswich the following year. I worked in the Evolution shop for 8 years and then established the first Buddhist Centre in Ipswich in the Thoroughfare. I have also been active in establishing Buddhafield East outdoor activities and I am an amateur potter. I am particularly interested in the ways we deepen our meditation practice.

Dayasara - Dayasara leads the Tuesday lunchtime class, and enjoys Buddhist festivals and many other events around the Buddhist Centre. He has a particular interest in early Buddhism, in links between Buddhism and Western culture and arts, and in care work as a form of spiritual practice.

Ariyanivata - I was ordained in 2016 and my name means 'He of noble humility. A native of Ipswich, I started attending the Centre in 2006 and became a member of the Centre Council as Secretary in 2011. I support the early morning meditation sessions, the Tuesday lunchtime class and Sangha retreats and enjoy my involvement with many Centre activities on almost daily basis.

Shubha - I was ordained in 1998 and my name means 'Bright and Beautiful'. I am from London and I was part of the London Buddhist Centre Sangha for nearly 30 years. I worked in Team-based Right Livelihood or worked for the Centre and lived in Communities for many years. I moved to Ipswich in 2015 and I am enjoying getting to know the Sangha. I lead Mitra Study and Practice nights on a Friday.


Kusaladana - My name means Skillful Giving. I was ordained by Bodhivamsa at Gukhaloka in June 2012. Born 1954 in Glasgow, I moved to London in 1976 to follow my studies. From 1985 I practiced with London Buddhist Centre Sangha with a six year interlude, 1992 to 1998, in Colchester and from 2012 to 2017 with the North London Sangha. I have worked in academia, industry and consultancy as a research scientist and lecturer with short periods of Team-based Right Livelihood and supporting centre activities. I am now recently retired and active in the Ipswich and Colchester Sanghas.